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Hugh Cairns V.C. School
Inspiring Learning
Principal's Greeting
We are delighted to be part of this amazing school community and hope to paint you a picture of what makes Hugh Cairns V.C. School a premier choice of elementary schools. Really, it all comes down to the people and their daily engagement in learning. Vignettes playing out on any given day could include:
  • our Administrative Assistant listening as young readers and writers proudly share their creations.

  • parents working with students in developing the school's landscape plans, maintaining the outdoor classroom, and coaching teams.

  • teachers meeting with students beyond class time for jazz, swing and math club, choirs, track, basketball and volleyball practices.

  • the Teacher-Librarian developing a library book order based on student recommendations.

  • teachers working with the student class representatives to develop the student handbook, plan spirit days and school wide events.

  • teachers planning initiatives based on learning assessments and student surveys.,

  • Student-led conferences with parents and teachers to review progress reports and set goals for the next term.

  • care partners on field trips with Preschool and Kindergarten students or helping our youngest students in the lunchroom.

  • members of our School Community Council and Parent Council planning annual book fairs, pancake breakfasts, book swaps, parent information evenings, family dances and so much more.

 Happy Children, Vibrant Community, Soaring Ever Higher!!