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John Dolan School
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Programs & Services

John Dolan School is a school for students, ages 5-21, who have multiple special needs.  The school is comprised of eight programs based on students’ skills, abilities, and interests.

Programming focus in each classroom is based on Individual Intervention Plans specifically targeting the areas of Communication, Independence, Academics, Personal/Social Well Being, Motor Skills, Transitions, Safety, Health and Sensory Needs.  Students benefit from a focus on functional communication in a language rich environment where core words are incorporated to advance students' ability to independently communicate and self advocate.  Academic programming incorporating both low and high technology interventions provide access to individual goal (i.e. Core words, PECs, switches, Ipads, eye gaze technologies, and Soundbeam music technology) along with frequent outings within the communicate to expand students' tolerance to differences in settings and routines.  Participation in a structured, consistently balanced environment provides students with the opportunity to practice advancing their skills toward independence.  In order to meet sensory needs, students enjoy frequent body breaks throughout the day (i.e. Snoezelen Sensory Park and our outdoor Sensory Playground, Therapeutic Swings and Bikes and gym).  As well, highly skilled staff and nurses daily address needs related to Health and Safety of students.  Bi-monthly school wide activities are designed to build community and promote social well-being as an essential of belonging.  Students' needs are Known, every individual is a Valued member of the school community and students' potential is Believed In.
Program are currently identified as follows:  Junior Achievers and Active Learners programs are designed for our youngest students.  The REACH program meets the needs of middle years students while the Interactions and Enriched programs address the programming for high school age students.  The Sensory Program attends to the needs of students with highly complex medical considerations.  Our Junior and Senior Autism Support Programs are intended to address the needs of students diagnosed with Autism.