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Lester B. Pearson School
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About Our School
​​​​ Lester B. Pearson School is a close-knit school community. Relationships are the cornerstone of interactions among our staff, between staff and students, between staff and families, and throughout the wider community. The Lester B. Pearson School Community Council (SCC) is integral to our school programming. Together, we seek to engage as many of our parents and guardians as possible. Volunteers are welcome to work with teachers in the classroom and library and to participate in special activities and field trips.

Our staff has been engaged in learning about powerful instructional and assessment strategies in the areas of literacy and mathematics. We are particularly proud of our Middle Years Professional Learning Community's reading portfolio, which is a means for each student to set personal goals for reading, to examine their own learning practices for reading, and to track and share their reading experiences an initiative that has been implemented in many other classrooms throughout Saskatoon Public Schools. 

Our entire staff has been trained in and is implementing PRIME, a professional resource for mathematics instruction. Teachers gain a clear picture of student progress and identify which strategies will be helpful for the individual child.

Lester B. Pearson offers both a morning and an afternoon prekindergarten class for children ages three- and four-years-old. The classroom environment is Reggio inspired. This philosophy reflects a belief in each child as a capable being. The transition from prekindergarten to kindergarten​ is eased by the continuing inspiration of Reggio, in both environment and philosophy.

We also offer early learning and child care through Spadina Early Learning & Childcare. Fifty spaces are available for children from birth to school age (12 years). We are excited to develop and maintain strong relationships with our daycare children and staff so we can make the transition to elementary school as smooth as possible.

Many of our students remain at school for lunch. They gather in our small gym under parent and staff supervision. Some students are fed through the Child Hunger and Education Program (CHEP). There are many opportunities for students to find their niche and contribute to our Lester B. Pearson community. For example, our student secretaries and student library helpers provide an invaluable service to our school. Many students choose to attend formally organized extracurricular activities such as choir, badminton, basketball, track and volleyball ​ there are school teams for all of these sports.​