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Westmount School
Inspiring Learning
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​​Westmount School is a truly phenomenal school. The history of Westmount dates back to 1913. We believe that it is our responsibility to uphold the tradition of excellence that has been established within these walls. At Westmount, we are surrounded by excellence in various forms. Student learning is always our priority and we see many examples of high levels of achievement.

Our rich history is reflected in our building and in the diverse and extensive partnerships we share with the community. Part of the legacy of being one of the first community schools in Saskatoon has meant that Westmount is firmly entrenched in the community fabric. Our wide array of community partnerships in health care, education and social services — as well as business and community organizations — help our school flourish and enrich the work of our staff and the lives of our students and their families. These partnerships afford Westmount students the opportunity to experience numerous enhanced learning opportunities ​— they are a collection of volunteer, human and capital resources that wrap around each student to provide them and their families with a holistic learning experience.

By focusing on excellence, we continue to build the culture we want at Westmount. We all care about the academic and social success of our students. Learning is our mandate, and we continually encourage our students to be their best.

We are available at your convenience to discuss learning opportunities for your child. Please contact us​ to talk or to set up a time when you can visit.