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Move To Grow encourages active transportation for students, families

September 04, 2018

At Saskatoon Public Schools, we teach our students to make positive choices that will support their health and well-being. As educators, we know that a daily opportunity to exercise can have a multitude of benefits for our students in the classroom. But additional opportunities to be active every day can bring improved wellness not only for our students, but also families and community.

Saskatoon Public Schools is launching Move To Grow, a campaign to encourage students and families to pursue active transportation  options for travelling to and from school. Active transportation is human-powered methods of travel, such as walking or cycling. The benefits are bigger than just physical health. We Move To Grow not only our bodies but also our brains, our independence, our mindset, our mental health, our mood, our family, our friendships, a safer community, a sustainable future, and so much more.

In schools, the Move To Grow campaign will focus on education to help our students understand how they can safely travel to and from school. We know family life is busy and this won’t work for everyone every day. But with so much to gain, we hope families will make the investment of time to develop a new active and healthy habit.

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How can families Move To Grow?

  • Walk to school with your child;
  • Park a few blocks away and share a stroll to and from school;
  • Work out a safe route for your child to bike to school (your school has neighbourhood maps to help with planning);
  • Encourage your child to connect with friends who live nearby with whom they can walk or roll;
  • Connect with other school families or your child’s friends to develop a walking school bus with each parent/guardian taking turns;
  • Review safety tips for walking and biking (your school can provide this information).
  • Download a neighbourhood map to plan a safe route to your school.