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Wildwood School
Inspiring Learning
Principal's Greeting
At Wildwood School, we are honoured to work with such a dynamic group of students, staff, and community members. The passion that our staff and students have for learning -- and for consistent development of character -- resonates through our halls.
As you walk through our school, you will experience the intensity, joy and ownership that come with experiencing real achievement in a learning community. We work effectively with students, parents, and community members to create learning plans that strategically target the academic, social, and emotional aspects of student life. The feedback that we receive from our Family Surveys indicates that we provide a great place for students to learn and grow.
Two philosophies best reflect what we feel is most important for our students and staff to experience:
  • EVERYONE DESERVES TO GO HOME HAPPY - Every person, regardless of age, is entitled to be treated with respect and consideration and must, in turn, treat others the same way. We need every student, parent and staff member to help make this happen.
  • WORK HARD then PLAY HARD - we expect everyone, student and staff, to work hard to achieve their goals.
It is via these principles that we foster student achievement and growth in moral character.
To find out more about Wildwood School, and to learn more about what we can offer your family, we invite you to call us at 306-683-7500. We look forward to meeting you!