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Howard Coad School
Inspiring Learning
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Welcome to Our School!
Howard Coad School is a wonderful gem set in the heart of Saskatoon's Mount Royal neighbourhood. We are a Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 8 school boasting respectful students and a dedicated, kind and caring staff. We offer a variety of programs geared towards helping students learn and grow in a warm and supportive environment.
In our free Pre-Kindergarten program, one can expect our little ones to be joyfully exploring and playing under the direction of a kind and loving teacher and educational assistant. Not to be outdone, our Kindergarten program offers a variety of approaches to entice children to learn, inquire and question.
Our school population continues to grow. Our focus is on improving student achievement with our primary focus on literacy. By focusing on reading and mathematics, our students should continue to grow and learn, paving the way for future success. Our assemblies focus on both academic and extra-curricular achievement with the goal of solidifying a culture of acceptance and distinction at Howard Coad School. We model the maxim that together we are better!
We are also proud of our English as an Additional Language (EAL) classroom, which provides additional English Language support for some of our immigrant families or for those children who need assistance in improving their proficiency in English.  Our school also has a shared school counselor,  Dream Broker and an Intermediate BALANCE program.  All programs at HCS, provide valuable assistance to our students and families.
At Howard Coad, we enjoy many student-centered activities such as cross country, basketball, volleyball, track, student leadership, art and cultural activities of which we are immensely proud.
We are a Nutrition Positive school and provide Child Hunger and Education Program (CHEP) lunches and a breakfast and milk program for those who would like to take advantage of the service.
Our student leadership team is very involved and does a great deal to plan enjoyable activities, such as participating in Care Partner activities to help promote fun, harmony and respect throughout our school. Our students are great Howard Coad ‘ambassadors’, whether they are in school or away participating in the many educational excursions offered through Saskatoon Public Schools.

Literacy continues to be a strong focus for us throughout the grade levels as is evidenced by our Saskatoon Public Schools Strategic Plan, Leveled Literacy Intervention Program and Roadways to Reading intervention.  Our Resource Room teachers and division supports also work wonders with our students to provide additional educational support where needed.
The Howard Coad School Community Council (SCC) is also dedicated to improving student achievement and well-being and they assist us in a variety of ways throughout the school year. Parents and caregivers are always welcome to attend an SCC meeting or lend a helping hand at Howard Coad.
Howard Coad School is a great place to be!!