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Saskatoon Public Schools
Inspiring Learning
Strategic Plan

Academic excellence, character, engagement, and well-being of students are at the heart of Saskatoon Public Schools' strategic plan.

The plan was designed to be a clear vision that would resonate with students, staff, parents and caregivers, and the larger community. It was developed through consultation with parents, students, staff, and community partners. The feedback received focused on preparing students for an evolving world and highlighted the necessary skills, character traits, and knowledge that students will need for their future. That helped identify four student goals: Academic Excellence, Character, Engagement, and Well-Being.

  • Academic Excellence – Students will achieve success in their learning goals. Those learning goals are as unique as our students. For many, this will be achieving curricular outcomes. For some, it will mean exploring more advanced disciplines. For others, it will mean accomplishing hard-fought physical and intellectual achievements. We value our students' abilities and believe in them to achieve their individual goal.
  • Character – Students will demonstrate respect, responsibility and perseverance. In considering our student's future, we want to acknowledge who they are now and the role they can play as citizens in their community. Teaching respect, understanding responsibility, and fostering perseverance will develop our students' ability to not only exist in our world but thrive as action-oriented community members into the future.
  • Engagement – Students will actively participate in relevant and meaningful learning. Education is not one size fits all. We must adapt and innovate to engage and challenge students. Lessons in the classroom should be collaborative, appealing and joyful.
  • Well-Being – Students will develop the skills to make healthy choices. We want to equip each student, so they know how to take care of themselves. We want our students to be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually strong.

Our commitment to our students, to their parents and caregivers, and to our community is we will create learning experiences that inspire all students to reach their potential. To do this we will focus on a few key areas – relationships, equity and accountability.

  • We will foster caring and supportive relationships, honour diversity, create welcoming and joyful spaces, and develop and grow community partnerships.
  • In focusing on equity, we will be open to all, we will maintain high expectation for all, we will enact anti-racist/anti-oppressive practices, and we will pursue a representative workforce.
  • We will be accountable by responding to student needs through evidence-based practices, we will focus on Indigenous student success, we will pursue continuous improvement, and we will ensure safe, caring and accepting environments.