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Lakeridge School
Inspiring Learning
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Programs & Services
Student Achievement: Our students have achieved high recognition at all levels and have participated in local, provincial and national mathematics, science and geography challenges. We are especially proud of our Culture Fair, Science Fair, Project Business Experience and JUST READ initiatives.
Student Learning: We believe that literacy in reading, writing and numeracy is key to student success. We promote reading at school and at home. Our students are engaged in inductive learning through the Picture Word Inductive Model (PWIM) in primary grades, and through inquiry-based learning in Grades 4 to 8. We practice quality, daily physical education. Our fine arts program includes strong music, band, visual art, dance, drama, and drumming components.
Student-Centred Extracurricular Activities: Our students benefit by having the opportunity to be active in choir, intramurals, chess, jazz & concert bands, teams (track, basketball, volleyball, cross-country), student leadership, volunteer service & Destiny Conservation.
Outdoor Education: Our students learn about their environment by participating in extensive class field trips at all Grade levels and experience our local community offerings through major excursions (e.g., Batoche - Grade 4, Fort Carlton - Grade 5, Pike Lake/Moose Jaw - Grade 6, Christopher Lake - Grade 7, Redberry Lake - Grade 8, and Skiing - Grades 6 to 8).
Professional Specialties: Our school benefits from having a professionally staffed Learning Resource Centre. Several professional specialists serve the students of Lakeridge School, including: resource teachers to support student learning needs, a physical education specialist, a band specialist, a Core French specialist, and arts education specialists.
Child Care Programs: Before/After Care, Morning or Afternoon Kindergartens.