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Lakeridge School
Inspiring Learning
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Lakeridge School is home to the following Montessori classrooms:
  • ​C​​asa (kindergarten)*
  • Lower elementary (grades 1 to 3)
  • Upper elementary (grades 4 to 6). 
​*To be registered for casa, students must be five years old by January 31 of the school year in which they are registered.


​​​In the classroom, the Montessori philosophy and methodology is used to deliver Saskatchewan curricula. Based on Maria Montessori's educational ideals of following the child, learning is individualized and presented to match the stages of development of ​each child.

During a daily independent work cycle (2+​ hours), students may choose from prepared Montessori materials to work at their individual pace. Freedom within limits allows for each child to set goals and develop the independence and self-regulation to achieve. The teacher assumes the role of educational guide, offering individual, small group and large group presentations as needed by the students. 

All students, with the exception of the casa (kindergarten) classroom, work in multi-age classrooms where they learn to work collaboratively with their peers and experience the benefits of being mentored; these students then move on to mentoring their peers, becoming leaders and role models themselves. The multi-year learning cycle allows all children in the class to work at varying levels, on various topics of interest and at any grade level within the cycle. The Montessori classroom fosters personal responsibility and problem solving. Through mutual respect and the belief in a peaceful environment, students form a community of learning. 

The casa class at Lakeridge School is the first Montessori kindergarten program offered in Saskatchewan through a school division. Maria Montessori called her program for early childhood "the casa dei bambini" or "the children's house." The casa program takes place in a warm setting scaled to, and prepared entirely for, children. 

Band and French Immersion are not offered.​​


  • Curriculum that follows the child and provides for freedom within limits, allowing students to work at their own individual pace and to engage in a daily work cycle characterized by student choice of tasks.
  • A unique approach to education that allows for multi-aged classes, a multi-year learning cycle and learning based on the developmental stages of each child.
  • Cosmic curriculum that enhances wonder and curiosity, and fosters grace, courtesy, peace and mutual respect.
  • Use of Montessori learning materials in a prepared environment and the opportunity to engage in practical life experiences.


There is no cost for students attending the Montessori program. There is a minimal fee associated with supplies that will be charged upon registration. Payment plans and other arrangements can be discussed with administration. ​


The Montessori program is open to students with or without prior Montessori experience. However, previous experience is an asset at the upper elementary level (grades 4 to 6). While the program is open to all students, preference is given to those who reside within Saskatoon city limits. Click here for information on transportation.​

Note: Transpo​rtation​ is only available to casa students who are eligible for this service in the morning.


Montessori has limited spots available. Each year families are invited to begin the registration process in January.​​
If more applications are received than available spots, the program uses a lottery system to determine new students. Montessori Grade 1 is an open lottery for all students regardless of previous school experience. At other grade levels, preference is given to students who attend Saskatoon Public Schools and to students who reside within Saskatoon city limits. 

All families who apply will be notified of their child(ren)'s registration status post-application.

Note: Families whose applications were wait-listed in previous years must re-apply each year.


For more information, please contact us​.