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Student design featured on school division's Pink Shirt Day shirts

December 01, 2021

pinkshirtstudent-news.jpgA Grade 8 student has created a Pink Shirt Day design that is out of this world.

Ava Gee, a student at École Lakeview School, had her design chosen for the Saskatoon Public Schools Pink Shirt Design Contest. Gee's clean design features a ribbon wrapping around the earth proclaiming, "Kindness is Universal."

"To me, this design means that kindness should be everywhere and surrounding us all of the time," Gee wrote of her design. "I also believe that the illustration of the world represents how anti-bullying should be a global movement and if it was global, it would have a bigger effect on our global society."

Gee's design was one of more than 170 designs submitted by Saskatoon Public Schools students for the contest.

"Ava's design stood out because it carries a concise, proactive message to spread kindness," said Michelle Bembridge, the division's consultant for safe, caring and accepting schools. "This positive and aspirational design aligns with our school division's student goals, which encourage students to be action-oriented, community-minded citizens."

shirtdesign-news.jpgGee's design will be featured on the Saskatoon Public Schools pink shirt and on materials used throughout the school division to mark Pink Shirt Day on Feb. 16, 2022. Schools will provide students, families, and staff with information on how to order the T-shirts if they wish.

Pink Shirt Day is one of a number of initiatives the school division undertakes as part of its safe, caring and accepting schools initiative. Saskatoon Public Schools is committed to creating safe, caring, and accepting learning and working environments where students have opportunities to develop moral values, display ethical conduct and achieve to the best of their ability. Pink Shirt Day is a time to celebrate the work schools and communities do all year long to create healthy and respectful relationships.