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Saskatoon Public Schools
Inspiring Learning
Safe, Caring & Accepting Schools
​At Saskatoon Public Schools, our goal is to provide school environments that are safe and caring places where excellence in learning is a priority and everyone feels included.

Saskatoon Public Schools believes that all students, parents and caregivers, staff, volunteers and visitors have the right to be safe, and to feel safe, in their school. We also believe that the development of an ethical framework is a key aspect of a student's development.
Everyone is responsible for keeping our schools safe.

Safe and Caring Schools Plan

Our schools have a clearly defined and well-communicated set of values and expectations. Our schools use a variety of educational, proactive programs to teach values and appropriate behaviours, and to help students learn the importance of making positive choices. Our schools believe in progressive discipline with consequences based on individual needs, the degree of the problem, and the ability of the person to understand and handle the consequences. 

For more information, please read Working Together to Develop Healthy and Respectful Relationships​. You can also ask the staff at your child's school for a paper copy of the document.

Working Together for Safe Schools

Saskatoon Public Schools has well-developed partnerships in our community. We work closely with Saskatoon Police Service and Saskatoon Fire and Protective Services to help ensure that our schools are safe places to be. As part of the work to create safe schools, all Saskatoon public schools, in partnership with the Saskatoon Police Service, conduct two lockdown drills each school year. For more information on school safety plans and the procedures followed during lockdowns, please read Working Together for Safe Schools.
We value the communication between home and school, and we invite you to contact your child's school principal if you have any questions or concerns.

Community Threat Assessment and Support Protocol

On August 30, 2011, Saskatoon Public Schools signed a protocol with a number of community agencies pledging to work together towards creating safer schools and a healthier community. The Community Threat Assessment and Support Protocol (CTASP) is an important part of our school division's safe and caring schools' strategy. The CTASP partnership has since expanded to include 22 community partners from a variety of sectors.
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