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About Our School
Mayfair School is located between Ontario Avenue and Avenue I, from east to west, and between 33rd Street and Circle Drive, from south to north. We also have students from the Kelsey neighbourhood. Students who do not go to French Immersion and live in this neighbourhood are transported via school bus to Mayfair School. The community includes many businesses, a public library, an outdoor pool, a spray park and a post-secondary institution (i.e., SIAST - Kelsey Campus). The community is comprised mostly of single-family dwellings and some multi-family duplexes.
Mayfair School is located at the heart of the Mayfair community. The school is on a beautiful property on the corner of Avenue E and 34th Street. We are a school that provides educational services to children from toddlers to Grade 8. Having a strong partnership with the Next Generation Early Learning Centre Cooperative provides our school with unique opportunities for early years education. Our daycare, prekindergarten and kindergarten programs have all embraced the Reggio-Emilia philosophy of early childhood education. We are proud to call ourselves a Reggio-inspired school.
We are also proud to be known as an in-motion school, a Nutrition Positive school and a Health Promoting school. We provide a universal snack to all children each day, and a breakfast and lunch program for those who need this type of support. A public health nurse is assigned to work in our school the equivalent of one day per week.
Our staff continues to work toward implementing meaningful ways of using technology to support learning and instruction, as we are involved in our school division's technology grant program. Parents/caregivers can access our computers because we are designated as a Community Access Program site. We continue to participate in the Guest Instructional Visitation (GIV) initiative, which promotes collegial cooperation between grade-alike teachers from different schools. We are a green school and operate a recycling program, which involves many of our students. Our connection with Agriculture in the Classroom and Little Green Thumbs provides unique learning opportunities for our students. As you drive by our school, you can see our learning gardens on our front lawn.
Our school is home to approximately 210 students from prekindergarten to Grade 8. We are also home to a senior Structured Success program. This program has benefitted a number of students who struggle with behaviour issues, as well as some mental health disorders. This program adds an interesting dimension to our students' learning. Our academic program includes an optional band program for middle years students, Read to Succeed classes for struggling readers and resource teacher support for students with exceptional learning needs.
We are also home to a dynamic group of parents. We have an active School Community Council​ engaged in supporting learning opportunities for our children. Our Friends of Mayfair Parent Council is also very engaged in supporting our school. We have an active group of student leaders, our Kiwanis Builders' club, who initiate many activities and events for our students.
As a community school, we have developed and sustained strong partnerships with business and community-based organizations that provide numerous opportunities for our students and community. Our school community coordinator is instrumental in making these opportunities possible. Our community room provides a convenient place for parents and caregivers to meet and participate in a variety of programs.