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French Immersion Programs

FI Program.jpgSaskatoon Public Schools' French Immersion program is designed for students whose first language is not French.

The program uses French as the primary language of instruction and communication in the school setting to enable students to acquire functional language skills. Kindergarten and Grade 1 are the entry points for the French Immersion program.

Parents do not need to speak French in order to enroll their children in French Immersion and most parents of French Immersion students have little or no French language skills.

The goals of Saskatoon Public Schools’ French Immersion program are to offer a comprehensive French education, allow for the personal development of students, and increase French language learning competence while also developing students’ English skills.

The  program aims to give students the ability to communicate effectively in Canada’s two official languages. Upon completing the program, students are able to pursue post-secondary education/training in both French and English, undertake employment in French and English, and possess an understanding of global perspectives on cultures and peoples, including their own.

The percentage of instruction in the second language through Kindergarten to Grade 12 French Immersion is 100 per cent for students in Kindergarten to Grade 1, 75 per cent for students in Grade 2 to Grade 8 and 50 per cent for high school students in Grade 9 to Grade 12.

French Immersion Transportation

If an elementary student is leaving their home neighbourhood​ to attend a French Immersion program, they may be eligible for free transportation. View a map of our French Immersion transportation boundaries or visit our transportation page for more information.

French Immersion Handbook