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Report to Community highlights year of learning, challenges

December 14, 2020

SPS_425x325_Report.jpgSaskatoon Public Schools' 2019-20 Report to the Community is a snapshot of an academic year that was filled with much joy and many triumphs and accomplishments, but also unprecedented challenges.

The division's highlights the work done by staff and students to continue to learn and celebrate community while facing the uncertainty of a school year cut short by a worldwide pandemic.

The 2019-20 school year was the first year for a new strategic plan that will guide Saskatoon Public Schools' work through 2024. The plan sets out our vision, our student goals in the areas of academic excellence, character, engagement, and well-being, and our commitment as a school division. It states unequivocally that students are at the heart of our work.

Schools are busy places where all our work was guided by our vision that every student is known, valued and believed in. Our strategic plan commits us to creating learning experiences that inspire all students to reach their potential, and a great deal of credit goes to our dedicated staff who worked hard to bring that commitment to life.

The arrival of COVID-19, the closure of schools, and the move to online delivery of supplemental learning in March 2020 was a seismic shift that challenged the division on every front. It was not the end of a school year that anyone expected but students, staff and families showed resilience as they came together to continue learning, to celebrate life milestones such as graduation, and to prepare for the challenges ahead.

As you look through the report, you'll get a sense of the breadth and scope of what goes on every day in our schools. Please enjoy the stories and photos in this report; they are a celebration of a school year like no other. 

Read the 2019-20 Report to the Community