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Noon Supervision Withdrawn Thursday, March 14, 2024

March 11, 2024
Job Action Week at a Glance Mar 11-15 2024-FI.jpg​We were informed by the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation (STF) that teachers will be withdrawing noon supervision at all schools in Saskatoon on Thursday, March 14, 2024. â€‹

As a result of the withdrawal of noon supervision on Thursday, the school division cannot ensure the safety of students during lunch because teachers will not be available for lunch supervision. Every day, 371 teachers supervise during the lunch period in Saskatoon Public Schools and without teachers providing supervisory coverage, schools will be closed during the lunch period and students must go home for lunch. 

For elementary schools:
  • All elementary schools will be closed at lunch. 
  • School lunch period schedules have been adjusted to ensure student safety. Individual school schedules have been emailed to families.
  • Students that are currently transported via bus or cab to school, will be transported home at lunch unless alternate arrangements have been made by parents, caregivers and families. 
  • Half-day prekindergarten and half-day kindergarten programming will continue but there may be slight changes to the daily schedule. 
  • Before and after school programs located in the school will continue to operate on Thursday, March 14, 2024.

There are two learning options for students and families in the afternoon: 

Option #1 

  • Students are encouraged to return to school after lunch, at the scheduled time listed in their letters, for in-school learning. It is very important that students do not return to school prior to the time identified below as there will be no supervision and the school will be closed. 
  • If students were transported home at lunch by bus or cab, there will be no transportation provided to return them to school for the afternoon. 
  • As stated above, there will be no after school buses or cabs provided to return students home at the end of the school day. 
  • Parents, caregivers and families will have to return students to school themselves if they want them to participate in in-school learning during the afternoon.
  • Parents, caregivers and families will also have to pick students up after school. 

Option #2 

  • Students may stay home for the afternoon. Students that stay home for the afternoon will be provided with take-home learning materials and resources (paper or online through Edsby) to complete at home. 
  • If a student is staying home for the afternoon parents should contact the school or enter the student as parent excused. 
For collegiates:​
Please note the following information: 
  • All collegiates will be closed over during the lunch period. 
  • All collegiates will operate on their regular Thursday schedule. Early dismissal was already planned for March 14, 2024, due to staff meetings, so no instructional time will be lost. 
  • Students will be dismissed at the regular Thursday schedule time. 
As a school division, we respect the collective bargaining process. Our number one priority is the safety of our students and maintaining a focus on student learning. We are committed to keeping parents, caregivers and families informed of future job action and changes to school operations.​

Please watch for ongoing communication through: 
  • Email and letters from the school via School Messenger 
  • Edsby 
  • Updates to our division website and school websites 
  • Saskatoon Public Schools' social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)​