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Silverwood Heights School
Inspiring Learning
Before and After School Care
​​​​Silverwood Heights School offers a Before and After School Care program through the ​Silverwood Heights Extended Day program, a non-profit, parent-run program that operates out of Silverwood Heights School. 

The program provides child-minding services from 7:30 a.m. until supervision begins at the school and from school dismissal until 5:30 p.m. It does not operate over school breaks, but it does operate on common dismissal days. 

The ​Silverwood Heights Extended Day program is set up to offer maximum flexibility to parents while keeping costs as low as possible. With parental notification, your child may attend on a set schedule or on a casual basis. You are only billed for the hours your child attends each month. If your child attends on a special activity day there may be a small activity fee, but you are always aware of these fees in advance. 

Our program philosophy is to let kids be kids while limiting access to technology. At our program, your child may participate in morning yoga, play board games, learn sign language, engage in crafts, dress-up and other imaginative play, or participate in a cooking class, among other activities. Children are encouraged to participate positively in the program and can earn Trishbucks, which are used to purchase small reward items at the program store once a week. 

We understand the challenges of working when our children are young. That's why we work with each family who requires our services while providing a positive, safe environment for all children until their parents/caregivers are able to pick them up. 

The annual general meeting of the Silverwood Heights Extended Day program is held in June of each year. You are able to register your child at this time or at any time throughout the year. The Board of Directors is always looking for new members as existing members’ children transition out of the program. We also accept donations of gently used toys, games and craft items. 

For more information, contact Trish Person, program supervisor,​​ at​ [email protected]​.