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Nêhiyâwiwin Cree Language and Culture Program

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The Nêhiyâwiwin Cree Language and Culture Program is a bilingual learning strategy that focuses on creating a language- and culture-rich classroom environment in order for students to learn conversational Cree in the "Y" dialect.

This unique language and culture program is for any student wishing to learn the Cree language. The program uses the Alberta Cree Language and Culture curriculum. The program also teaches the English language. Cultural activities are an important part of the program and will include such activities as attending feasts, smudges and powwows, learning appropriate protocol with Elders and traveling to events to listen to stories or learn traditional games with the assistance of a Traditional Knowledge Keeper and a Cultural Teacher.

The Nêhiyâwiwin Cree Language and Culture Program began in the fall of 2005 and is offered from prekindergarten to Grade 8. 

Registration forms are available at any Saskatoon Public elementary school and must be returned to the school.

Program Highlights

  • A bicultural/bilingual program
  • Open to prekindergarten to Grade 8 students
  • Teaches the Cree Language in the Y dialect
  • Students from across Saskatoon are welcome
  • Transportation is provided 

Please contact the school for more information or registration or download the program information sheet.


logo-indspire-500px.jpgThe Nêhiyâwiwin Cree Language and Culture Program has been recognized as a Successful Practice by Indspire. In order to be recognized as a Successful Practice the practice must include documented research, frameworks, models, and educational strategies that have worked to enhance kindergarten to grade 12 student success. Indspire evaluates and shares these proven practices here, for the benefit of Indigenous education stakeholders nationwide.

Practices are evaluated using seven principles created by consultation with national Indigenous scholars. The principles honour Indigenous ways of knowing and values. Educators, parents, school boards, and others find the Successful Practices a valuable resource for sharing proven educational strategies to help Indigenous students succeed.