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wâhkôhtowin School
Inspiring Learning
Nêhiyâwiwin Cree Language and Culture Program
​​​Looking to reconnect with language and culture?

wâhkôhtowin School’s preK-8 Nêhiyâwiwin (Cree Language) program includes the provincial curriculum, conversational Cree, and cultural learning.
Nêhiyâwiwin is a bilingual learning strategy that focuses on creating a language- and culture-rich classroom environment for students to learn conversational Cree in the "Y" dialect. The program has been recognized as a Successful Practice by Indspire

This program is for any student who wants to learn the Cree language. It's open to all PreK-8 students in Saskatoon. The program teaches Cree using a variety of methods for Indigenous language acquisition and follows the Saskatchewan Curriculum for all other subjects. Cultural activities are an important part of the program and include attending feasts, smudges and powwows, learning appropriate protocol with Elders, and traveling to events to listen to stories or learn traditional games with the assistance of a Traditional Knowledge Keeper and cultural teacher. 

The Nêhiyâwiwin Cree Language and Culture program is a joint project sponsored by a partnership between Saskatoon Public Schools, the Saskatoon Tribal Council and the Central Urban Métis Federation Incorporated. ​

Program Highlights

  • A bicultural/bilingual Cree program offered from prekindergarten​ to Grade 8, including a full day kindergarten program.
  • Emphasis on land-based learning experiences and leadership in the middle years.
  • Teaches the Cree Language in the "Y" dialect.
  • Students from across Saskatoon are welcome.
  • Transportation​ is provided.


wâhkôhtowin School is centrally located and any student in Saskatoon may attend. Bus service is available.
​To register, click here.