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W.P. Bate School
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About our School
W.P. Bate Community School is a vibrant and energetic school. We celebrate the wide diversity of students and families who are part of our community. We have many families new to Canada who bring with them their rich cultural traditions. We honour the cultures of all of our students. We nurture an environment of mutual respect and understanding of differences that makes all of us more accepting of one another.
We are fortunate to have developed several partnerships that promote health and wellness in our community. We have an immunization clinic on site serviced by a Public Health Nurse. Our school also has a Pediatrician's Office, Child Psychologist and a Social Worker/Counselor to enhance the physical and mental well-being of our students and their families.
Our staff is committed to excellence in academics. They are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to engage students in their learning, and hold high standards for achievement. We use Professional Resources and Instruction for Mathematics Educators (PRIME) as an instructional resource in Mathematics. We focus heavily on literacy initiatives (Literacy For Life is a Saskatoon Public Schools priority) such as the Picture Word Inductive Model (PWIM), Read to Succeed and Just Read.
Our school boasts an active Community Office that organizes countless programs that enrich the lives of our students and their families. After-school programs such as soccer, basketball, baseball and hockey are popular among students. Other global community events such as Friends Around the World, Winter Family Night, and Community BBQ provide fantastic opportunities for building community among our students and their families.
Our school motto is We Believe We Achieve Together and this motto is lived out every day in the actions of our staff, students and families as we seek to make W.P. Bate Community School a place where learning, inclusion, and caring are the ideals to which we aspire.