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New prekindergarten, kindergarten programs offer outdoor learning

June 14, 2021

BV_earlylearning_web.jpgBeginning in September 2021, Buena Vista School will offer half-day prekindergarten and an alternating day kindergarten program with a focus on experiential, outdoor, and land-based learning.

Outdoor and indoor learning environments collectively support child development. The new programs at Buena Vista will support children's development holistically, help young learners achieve grade-level literacy by Grade 3, and strengthen our school and community.

The programs' teacher will share their knowledge, passion, and experience in areas such as land-based learning, developing and accessing outdoor environments, and engaging families.

Prekindergarten and kindergarten learning helps children to:

  • develop language and communication skills,
  • develop problem-solving skills,
  • learn to co-operate with others,
  • make new friendships,
  • prepare for future learning in the school environment.