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About Our School
​​​​​​​​​​​Every child dreams of visiting a castle and Buena Vista School is Saskatoon's castle on the h​ill! Nestled in a safe and caring neighbourhood, Buena Vista School is rich in history and architecture — we celebrated our 100th anniversary in 2014. Our renovated building showcases and accentuates our castle-like school. Our enthusiastic and caring staff warmly welcomes your children into their classrooms. ​

Buena Vista is a prekindergarten​ to Grade 8 school, open to all. We serve the Buena Vista, Exhibition and Nutana neighbourhoods. In 2021, Buena Vista became the first public school in Saskatoon to offer an outdoor nature-based learning​ program from prekindergarten to Grade 1. With the success of the outdoor learning approach, in 2022, Buena Vista expanded the program to include students from prekindergarten to Grade 5. Nature-based learning includes a range of educational practices and experiences that are linked to improved academic achievement, holistic wellness, personal development and environmental stewardship.

These practices may include:
  • Outdoor learning experiences
  • Nature-focused inquiry (in and out of the classroom)
  • Play-based, forest school approaches to early learning
  • Indigenous land-based learning
  • Place-based learning
  • Ecological and garden education.
At Buena Vista School, we are excited to achieve the Saskatoon Public Schools strategic plan, which emphasizes academic excellence, character, engagement and well-being through our innovative, nature-based approach to learning. Our staff provides a supportive and caring learning environment, both inside and out of the classroom, with students at the centre of all that we do. Our students, parents and staff take pride in the fact that Buena Vista School has a strong emphasis on academics featuring numerous learning opportunities and supports, including:
  • Access to numerous outdoors spaces, including our own grounds, Buena Vista park and the river valley
  • Extracurricular programs (e.g., student leadership, track, cross-country club, volleyball, basketball)​
  • A quality physical education program offered to all students
  • A band program available to students in grades 6 to 8
  • A music specialist available to all grade levels
  • A computer lab and laptops available to all students
  • An impressive, open library
  • Motivated, progressive, knowledgeable and supportive staff
  • Two full-time resource teachers to support students
  • Educational assistants for students who require intensive supports
  • Transpo​rtation for students in the Exhibition and Nutana areas
  • Before and After School Care​ program.
​We invite you to come visit us at Buena Vista School. We'll show you around the building and grounds, talk with you about our school's history, and proudly discuss the learning that happens within our walls. To book a visit at Saskatoon's castle on the hill, contact us​.