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Inspiring Learning
Nature-Based Learning
​​​​​Nature-Based Learning is a program open to students with an interest in accessing the curriculum through a nature-based lens. ​

The program is offered to students at:​
Nature-based learning focuses on experiences in, about
and for the outdoors. This approach to curricular learning includes a range of educational practices and experiences linked to improved academic achievement, holistic wellness, personal development and environmental stewardship. These educational practices may include:

  • ​Outdoor learning experiences
  • Nature-focused inquiry (in and out of the classroom)
  • Play-based, forest school approaches to early learning
  • Indigenous land-based learning
  • Climate change education
  • Ecological and garden education
  • Climate change education
  • Place-based learning.​
Outdoor and indoor learning environments collectively support child development. The nature-based learning program supports students as they build language and communication skills, learn to co-operate with others, make new friendships and prepare for future learning in the school environment.​

To learn more about nature-based learning, click here​ to read an article about the program at Buena Vista.


  • Students are immersed in nature.
  • Students actively explore the outdoors and connect to the land.
  • Students engage in experiential education with hands-on learning.
  • Students develop independence and responsibility.​


Students require suitable outdoor wear for all four seasons.


To register​, please click here​ or contact the school.


For more information, please contact Buena Vista School or Lawson Heights School​.