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Buena Vista School offers two, full-day, alternate day programs for Kindergarten. One program runs Monday, Wednesday and alternate Fridays. The other program runs Tuesday, Thursday and alternate Fridays. Both programs are Nature-based learning taught by the same teacher.

Nature-based learning includes a range of educational practices that are linked to improved academic achievement, holistic wellness, personal development and environmental stewardship in students.

These practices may include:

  • Outdoor learning experiences
  • Nature-focused inquiry (in and out of the classroom)
  • Forest School approaches to early learning
  • Indigenous Land-based learning
  • Place based learning
  • Ecological/garden education

For more information or to visit the class with your child, please contact the school.

You can find the registration form on our Registration page.

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BVoutdoor3.jpgStudents, teachers embrace the opportunity to learn outdoors

Buena Vista's kindergarten classrooms, have a focus on experiential and land-based learning. "Children love to be outside," said kindergarten teacher Lisa Grabinsky Sparks. "However, the students are eager to go outside to learn, not just to play. 'What science are we doing or where are we going?' are the comments instead of 'it's playground time.' They want to learn more about what surrounds them, and they see school as a place to do this."