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Buena Vista expands nature-based learning to include prek to Grade 5

February 22, 2022

After introducing prekindergarten and kindergarten programs in 2021, Buena Vista School is expanding its nature-based learning approach to include students in grades 1-5 beginning in September 2022.              

Expanding programming beyond prekindergarten and kindergarten ensures that students transitioning to Grade 1 and beyond can transfer the skills and strengths gained from nature-based learning to future grades.

Nature-based learning will focus on experiences in, about, and for the outdoors. All students will benefit from exploring the curriculum with this lens. This approach to curricular learning includes a range of educational practices that are linked to improved academic achievement, holistic wellness, personal development, and environmental stewardship in students. These practices include a combination of:
  • Outdoor learning experiences;
  • Nature-focused inquiry (in and out of the classroom);
  • Ecological education
  • Indigenous Land-based learning;
  • Place-based Learning.

The focus fits with elementary curriculum. The school's programming will take advantage of existing resources and supports that help educators achieve curriculum outcomes in an outdoor environment. Research on outdoor learning cites many benefits that align with Saskatoon Public Schools' strategic plan. Grade 5 students experience the benefits of outdoor, nature-based learning.

Saskatoon Public Schools has several outdoor learning unique programs at higher grade levels that draw student interest from within the division and beyond. Providing prekindergarten to Grade 5 experiential and land-based learning at Buena Vista strengthens the continuum of outdoor programming within the school division and ensures an outdoor learning pathway for students.

Families interested in learning more about outdoor learning opportunities at Buena Vista can contact the school at (306) 683-7140, or visit the website at