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Caswell School
Inspiring Learning
Principal's Greeting
Welcome to Caswell Community School!
In 1910, the Caswell family gave some of their farm land to the city to use as a site for a new school.  Construction of the school started in 1909 and the first classes started in 1910.  The new school cost $50,000.  Two additions to the school occurred in the 1930's and the 1960's to better serve the needs of the students in the area.
Caswell Community Schools offers programming for students from PreKindergarten to Grade 8.  It is also home to the Academically Talented program.  This congregated group of gifted learners are in grades 5-8 and come to Caswell from the west side of the city.
Caswell is a community school which means we have special supports in place for students.  We have an emergency use nutrition room for those students who have nutrition needs; we are well supported through our community staff which includes a community co-ordinator and education assistant support; and we have several health programs such as dentistry operating out of the school.  These supports allow us to meet the diverse needs of our students and the broader community.
Caswell Community School is a very busy place!  In addition to the extra-curricular activities offered through the school, the Caswell Community Association offers many evening programs for adults and children.  We are an Arts For Life School.  We work very closely with the Mendel Art Gallery to provide enhanced arts education experiences for our students including Mendel tours and visits with guest artists.
Caswell Community School has three principles which guide our work and our interactions:  Be Respectful; Be Responsible and Do Your Best.  We emphasize these principles in all our dealings with students and the community.
Caswell Community School is a welcoming, inclusive and diverse place.  Please come by the school to experience the uniqueness that is Caswell!