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Gifted Education
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About SAGE 

Saskatoon Public Schools Academically Gifted Education (SAGE) is a program for gifted students in grades 5 to 12. In a congregated SAGE classroom, the interaction with intellectual peers results in rapid growth of student learning. As well, social skills grow while intellectual needs are met. Congregated classrooms concentrate on meeting what research tells us are the unique socio-emotional needs of gifted learners. Students work as peers to hold each other accountable for a high level of thinking. Non-conformity, challenge and creativity grow through interaction with other gifted students, causing many students to report that they belong or feel challenged for the first time.

SAGE congregated classrooms are located at:

Diverse Community

Students come together from across the city to attend the congregated SAGE program at one of five schools (three elementary, two secondary). Students represent a wide variety of backgrounds and talents. What ties these students together is their intellectual talent, as well as their need to make connections with others who understand and accept them.

Referral Process

A combination of teacher observation, assessment data, characteristics of giftedness and student work are used to help identify students who may benefit from SAGE programming. 

For elementary programs, students in all Grade 4 classrooms have an opportunity to be identified as possibly benefiting from gifted programming. Once the referral process is complete, the SAGE committee contacts specific parents/guardians encouraging them to consider having their child attend the Grade 5 SAGE classroom at the school within the correct catchment area.

For secondary programs, Grade 8 students may be identified as possibly benefiting from gifted programming. The secondary SAGE referral process takes place from December through February and includes a student writing component. Referred students can indicate which collegiate they would prefer to attend.

Admission at grades other than Grade 4 and Grade 8 is through a referral process depending on program availability.