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City Park School
Inspiring Learning
Principal's Greeting

We are the City Park Eagles!  We offer and support exceptional curricular and extra-curricular opportunities for our students, and we challenge the premise that classrooms must have 4 walls. Holistic learning takes place virtually in our online classrooms and in-person. In-person programming takes place both inside our beautiful historic building, as well as outside our school, which sits just steps from the Meewasin Trail, the South Saskatchewan River, and the heart of the city of Saskatoon. We have a deep appreciation of and respect for nature and one another.  Students and staff are engaged in hands-on, interactive lessons that spark curiosity, deep-thinking, and develop innovative problem solvers. Our students become independent leaders.  The entire city of Saskatoon is our extended classroom community.  We compliment the learning happening in our school by exploring our city, seeking outdoor opportunities, and working together to build relationships with our community members. These are some of the things that make us special!  We pride ourselves on nourishing students' passions and learning by doing and experiencing. Our unique programming reflects our beliefs each and every day.

City Park School has undergone extensive renovations and we are continuing to evolve in our program offerings and physical environment. Much of this historic building (1929) is now renovated. Our school features classrooms and common areas with large windows, flexible open work spaces, modern, versatile furniture, and houses the following educational programs:

  • Grade 8 Ecoquest – 28 Grade 8 students from across the city and from each ward are part of an ecological outdoor education program where all subject areas are integrated and the outdoors and the city of Saskatoon are the primary classroom.
  • The FLEX program – this program is designed for students in Grade 6 through Grade 12 who are involved in athletics, music, or arts programs outside of the school, but train or compete during the school day. The program provides a flexible schedule to allow students to pursue their out of school passions and still complete the requirements of schooling. Examples of students finding benefits from the FLEX Program include:  swimmers, musicians, divers, hockey players, rock climbers, dancers, squash players, violinists, crossfitters, weightlifters, visual artists, equestrian riders, soccer players, figure skaters, rhythmic gymnasts, track athletes, and gymnasts...
  • SPS Elementary Online Learning Center – the OLCE offers both English and French Immersion online educational programming to students in Saskatoon and across the province. Online classes are offered through the Google Classroom learning management system to students in grades K-8.
  • Grades 1-8 Public Montessori program - in 2016, Saskatoon Public Schools added a Montessori program to CIty Park. We are proud to be the first and only public education Montessori program in Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan curricula (grades 1 - 8) are presented to students using the Montessori philosophy and methodology. 

We are proud of the innovative programming at City Park School and how it meets the unique needs of each one of our individual students. Welcome to a new look and feel to City Park School.  City Park School truly is a place where you are known, valued, and believed in!  GO EAGLES!

Jonelle Ulrich (Principal)

Mark Peterson (Vice-Principal)

Sandi Kostiuk (Administrative Assistant)

Erin Corrin (Secretary)