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Robots 2018 - Ecoquest

students had the opportunity to work with two kinds of robots:  Ozobot and Edison.

ozobot.pngOzobot is a line-tracking robot that is programmed using colour codes and to complete a broad range of tasks. It can either scan codes off of paper or be programmed using a block-based coding language.  As a final group activity, the students created an "Ozo-City".

edison.pngEdison can be programmed to complete tasks using one of three coding languages (block-based, a Python variant, or a hybrid language) or scannable barcodes. It comes equipped with a variety of sensors such as sound, infrared tracking, and light tracking. Part of what makes Edison so engaging is that it is covered with pegs that allow it to connect to Lego and other similar building blocks to create elaborate projects.  As a final group activity, the students battled their robots in a Sumo Challenge.

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