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Montgomery School
Inspiring Learning
Principal's Greeting
Imagine coming to school knowing that you will experience active learning designed to help you learn to answer your own questions. At Montgomery School, "inspiring learning" means just that. Our school, a Centre of Science Excellence, uses science as the lens through which we view our learning. We experiment, wonder, experience and make sense of the world through our focus on science.
Our commitment to our school is shown through our mission statement. Our school is a safe and caring learning community where respect and responsibility guide our actions and where we strive together with pride to be successful. We are building a brighter future together!
To support our students in their learning, we are home to Saskatoon Public Schools' Grade 8 ScienceTrek program designed to allow students to focus intensely on viewing the world through science while experiencing out-of-school learning opportunities. We also house the Little Sprouts Preschool in our building. We want all our pre-Kindergarten to Grade 8 students to be successful!
Community support is what makes our school special. We encourage parents to make themselves known to us by sharing with us their child's successes and challenges in our school.
Coming to Montgomery School implies a commitment to excellence. Our staff is committed to pursuing excellence at every turn. Feel free to come and visit us to see this great school!​