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Montgomery School
Inspiring Learning
Science Trek

​ScienceTrek is a field-based science program created to inspire Grade 8 students to grow academically, socially, personally and culturally. The program is highlighted by ‘hands on’ out-of-school experiences intended to fuel a passion for science and learning. More information is available on the program's website

Program Goals:
  • Provide opportunities for students to develop awareness of and passion for science.
  • Promote critical and creative thinking.
  • Implement activities which provide for collaboration and cooperative learning.
  • Build self-esteem, confidence, and leadership through team building exercises.
  • Promote lifelong outdoor pursuits such as hiking, biking, swimming, skiing, camping and canoeing.
  • Assist students to develop respect for self, peers, community and environment.
  • Integrate core academic areas into the science program.
  • Develop skills in hypothesizing, observing, recording, analyzing and presenting.
  • Provide students with an accelerated science curriculum.
  • Promote careers in science for females and males.
  • Promote careers in science for all cultures.
  • Foster an understanding of the diversity of science and the impact of science on human culture and the environment.
  • Prepare students to meet the needs of an ever changing world.
  • Promote community involvement, global citizenship, and stewardship of the environment.