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North Park Wilson School
Inspiring Learning
We Are All Treaty People Mural


At North Park Wilson School, we are proud of how our students and teachers find new ways to learn through the arts. Representing our learning through art is an important part of our work.​

During the 2016-17 school year, students, staff and community members painted individual tiles with their answer to the big question, "Who am I as a treaty person?" Our students have learned that all people in Canada are treaty people because we have a commitment to share the land in Canada "as long as the sun shines, the grasses grow and the rivers flow."

Our students understand that each of us is unique, and we all bring our heritage, our gifts and our talents to this treaty relationship. Each tile painting combined to make one large mural — an image that represents our individuality, our commitment to the treaty relationship and our joy in learning through the arts.

We received funding for the project from Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation and SaskTel Pioneers. Our mural is part of the Canada 150 Mosaic project that saw 150 murals comprised of more than 80,000 paintings created to celebrate Canada's 150th ​anniversary​ in 2017. 

The mural project is just one of the ways in which we learn through the arts. Our hallways are alive with simulations and role playing, visual art representing unique identities, chalk art responses to residential school learning, Circles of Courage representing individual student's strengths and goals, Turtle Island pictures and musical responses to big questions.