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North Park Wilson School
Inspiring Learning
Creative Action

Creativeweb2.jpgCreative Action is a specialized, full-year program for Grade 8 students who have shown leadership potential and a desire to cultivate their passion in the arts to make a difference in their community and beyond. Students will collaborate with a variety of artists/partnerships throughout the city and province while working on Grade 8 curriculum in a creative, unique, and experiential classroom. Creative Action will nurture Saskatoon's next generation of local citizens, artists, and leaders.

By providing opportunities to explore, create, discover, and strengthen skills through Creative Action, students will:

  • Be engaged citizens who understand their rights and responsibilities to use their voice and take action;
  • Be confident leaders who connect with various communities in a meaningful way;
  • Explore cultural contexts of artists/art forms to recognize the relevance and power of the arts; and,
  • Respond and analyze communication within art to create informed points of view.

Diverse Community

Creative Action will expand opportunities for creative expression, develop unique artistic voice, and challenge social justice issues in our community. Learning will be student-driven through an inquiry-based approach and be expressed both visually and through the performing arts. Artistic learning honours diversity, and Creative Action is for students who want to enhance their education by honing their skills in one or more strands of the arts (music, dance, drama, visual art) while being mentored by artistic leaders in our community.

Application Process

Grade 7 students currently attending Saskatoon Public Schools are invited to apply for this opportunity. Interested students and parents/guardians should attend the information evening on Tuesday, March 24, 2020, 6:30 p.m., at North Park Wilson School. Application forms are available at the information night and from North Park Wilson School. Completed application forms can be sent directly to the school by April 8, 2020.  Please ensure all application requirements are complete. A program committee will adjudicate each applicant and successful candidates will be placed into a lottery. For more information contact North Park Wilson School or email or download the program information sheet.

Download the Creative Action Application Package HERE