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Saskatoon International Education
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Click on the links below for frequently asked questions.

​How can I find more information about what it is like to study in Canada?​

To find out what it is like to study in Canada, read our pre-departure guide. Inside students will find facts about our city, what we recommend students bring with them to Saskatoon, fees and important calendar dates.


Can a student choose the school they want to attend?​

Each school offers the same high-quality curriculum taught by Ministry of Education licensed teachers.
  • Elementary students typically attend the school closest to where they live in Saskatoon. Using a Saskatoon home street address, this school locato​r tool will provide the name of the elementary school closest to the student's address.

  • High school placement is based on the following:
    • Home street address in Saskatoon
    • Space availability at the school
    • Family preferences (we make every effort to place students as requested)
    • Suitability of courses and extracurricular activities.

Parents can expect correspondence several times a year for: 
  • Updates
  • Report cards
  • School-related concerns
  • Invoices. 
Communication may come from the school directly or from Saskatoon International Education staff in the form of phone calls, emails or Edsby messages. Parents are welcome to connect with the Saskatoon International Education office by phone at 306-683-8425 or by email at [email protected]. Parents may also contact their child's school/classroom teacher with any questions they may have.
The Saskatchewan Ministry of Education determines which classes will receive credit. The Ministry requires an official transcript for evaluation. School marks at a Grade 9 level or lower will not receive credit.

What is an official transcript?​

This is a document that students are required to bring for the welcome and orientation meeting. It is an official paper document containing school marks that has been dated and notarized. Emails, faxes and photocopies are not official and cannot be accepted by the Ministry of Education.


How does a student renew their study permit or visitor visa?​

Due to Canadian Immigration law Bill C-35, it is now illegal for any person from an educational institution to provide advice or assistance with a student’s study permit or visitor visa renewal. Please refer to the Government of Canada's website for information on:

What documents can Saskatoon International Education provide to support renew​al of a study permit?​

We can provide:
  • A letter of acceptance (once tuition is paid)
  • A letter of attendance
  • Report cards.

What health insurance is available and what does it cover?​

Saskatoon International Education will automatically take out a comprehensive health insurance policy through To find out the benefits received through this plan, please visit our Health Insurance​ page, which has links to the benefits summary and coverage details of the plan. If you require a benefit summary in another language, please make a request to our office at [email protected].


How do students apply for a Saskatchewan health card?​

Our Saskatoon International Education team will work with students during the welcome and orientation meeting to complete a Saskatchewan health card application for students who will be staying in Saskatoon longer than one year and have a study permit. The comprehensive health plan through provides significantly more insurance coverage than the Saskatchewan health card does and is available immediately (whereas Sask Health often has long processing times). The health card may be required for longer term students to access extra services such as Drivers’ Education.