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Saskatoon International Education
Living Arrangements
International students studying through Saskatoon International Education (SIE) must have one of the following living arrangements:
  • Living with a homestay family arranged through the Canada Homestay Network (SIE will act as a custodian for the duration of the school year for all CHN homestay students)
  • Living with a parent
  • Living with a natural relative* 
  • Living with a custodian*
  • Living with a privately arranged homestay family*
*Parent-appointed custodian required.

Elementary students in Kindergarten-Grade 6 must live with a parent (or natural relative). If they are living with a natural relative, custodianship must be assigned and documentation proving the relationship must be provided.

Elementary and High school students in Grades 7-12 may live with a custodian or arrange private living accommodations.  In each of these cases, custodianship must be assigned. Students in Grades 9-12 may live with a homestay family arranged through the Canada Homestay Network).  In the case of homestay, SIE will act as custodian for the duration of study.


Parent(s): Student's natural parent(s) or legal guardian(s) in home country.

Custodian: The person designated by the parent(s) to be responsible for the care of their minor child in their absence, while the child is studying in Saskatoon.

Custodian's Designate: The person designated by the parent(s) in consultation with the custodian to provide day-to-day care for the student, in the case where the student is not living with the custodian.​

Parent is living with the student for duration of study

The parent must submit the Accompanying Parent Agreement form (page 3 of Living Arrangement Documentation for International Students) along with the application and must present it in person at the SIE orientation.

Parent-appointed Custodian 

If a parent will not be living in Saskatoon during the study period or a portion of the study period, a private living arrangement must be made and a parent-appointed custodian is required. 

Appointing a custodian is very important and should be done with utmost care.  The chosen custodian, upon signing our forms and the IRCC Custodian Declaration, agrees to many responsibilities and duties.  Please review the SIE Custodianship Guidelines  with the person you are appointing as custodian prior to signing all relevant custodianship documentation.

To appoint a custodian, the following two (2) documents must be submitted:

For questions, please email [email protected].

Custodian's Designate

If the student is not living with a parent or the custodian, a custodian's designate is required.  The custodian's designate is the person who will be responsible for the day-to-day care and safety of the student.  The custodian's designate is chosen by the natural parents and the custodian.

If a custodian's designate is required, a third document must be submitted along with the above custodianship documents: