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Saskatoon International Education
Living Arrangements
International students studying through Saskatoon International Education must have one of the following living arrangements:
  • Living with a homestay family arranged through the Canada Homestay Network (a custodian will be provided for the duration of the school year)
  • Living with a parent(s)
  • Living with a natural relative* 
  • Living with a custodian*
  • Living with a privately arranged homestay family*
*Parent-appointed custodian required.

Elementary students must live with a parent (or natural relative). If they are living with a natural relative, custodianship must be assigned. 

High school students may live with a homestay family (arranged through the Canada Homestay Network) or arrange private living accommodations. 

Parent-appointed Custodian 

If a parent will not be living in Saskatoon during the study period or a portion of the study period, a private living arrangement must be made and a parent-appointed custodian is required. 

To appoint a custodian, the following two (2) documents must be submitted:
For questions, please email