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Saskatoon International Education
How to Apply

Step 1: Complete the Application

Click the Apply Here button to complete the online application form and pay the application fee online. The following documents are required:
  • School academic record (transcript) from the past two years in home language and translated into English. 
  • Letter of Recommendation from a current teacher or principal translated into English (an original letter or letter template signed by hand and/or stamped.)
  • A copy of a passport (picture page) or birth certificate.
  • Accompanying Parent or Custodianship Documentation (please review the Living Arrangements page before proceeding as you will need to include one or more documents in this section.)

If you have questions about custodianship or require assistance with other elements of the online application, please contact us at [email protected].

Step 2: Notification of Decision

Applicants will be notified within two weeks as to whether their application is accepted. Please note that a virtual interview or other supporting documentation may be requested before acceptance. 

For accepted applicants, an invoice for tuition fees will be uploaded to your online account. Once all fees have been paid, an official Letter of Acceptance will be added to your account.

Your online account will be the place where you:
  • Communicate with, and receive communication from, Saskatoon International Education about your application.
  • Access all documentation (e.g., invoices, receipts, letters of acceptance, and health insurance policy information).

Step 3: Study Permit

Once you receive your Letter of Acceptance, the student must apply for a Canadian study permit. 

This can be done online through the Government of Canada website.