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Saskatoon International Education
Elementary Schools

Elementary students are invited to study in one of our 47 elementary schools. Our kindergarten programs vary from school to school. Some schools offer full-day kindergarten programs, others are half day or every other day. 

Information about all of our elementary schools can be found here.

At Saskatoon Public Schools:
  • All students ages five to 13 (kindergarten to Grade 8) must live with their parent(s) or natural relatives (and have a parent-appointed custodian).

  • Elementary students typically attend the school that is closest to where they live in Saskatoon. Using a Saskatoon home street address, this school locator tool will provide the name of the recommended elementary school closest to the child's address. 

  • A proof of address will be required to assign school placement. This proof should be a copy of a lease agreement, property tax statement, utility bill, bank statement or telephone bill with a parent’s name. If the student is living with a natural relative, the statement should have the natural relative’s name.