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Saskatoon International Education
Health Insurance

​​Saskatchewan Health Insurance 

All students with a study permit are eligible to receive a Saskatchewan Health Card for free. 

The Health Card covers:
  • General physician visits
  • Hospital stays. 
It does not cover prescription drugs, dental visits, optometric services, use of an ambulance and other vital services. 

Our team will work with students upon arrival to complete a Saskatchewan Health Card application. Alternatively, students may apply for a Saskatchewan Health Card as soon as they arrive in Saskatoon. A link to the online application is found here

It may take six to eight weeks for health cards to arrive. During this time (after a Health Card application is submitted), students may use their passport to receive free Saskatchewan health services for which they will be billed and later reimbursed once the health card is received. 

Additional Health Insurance 

Saskatoon International Education will automatically purchase additional (top up) insurance on behalf of students. This is mandatory according to new policies.

Saskatoon International Education partners with to provide international students with a top up health insurance option. The PLUS plan can be used in addition to your Saskatchewan Health coverage. This plan is designed to supplement the existing provincial healthcare plan. 

The PLUS plan provides reimbursement of expenses and services not covered by existing government plans, including:
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Hospital coverage
  • Medical supplies and equipment
  • Out-of-province coverage
  • Paramedical services.
Students who are studying for less than six months and do not have a study permit must have a comprehensive health insurance plan in place during their stay in Saskatoon. The Canada is a full-coverage health insurance plan suitable for students without a study permit that will be purchased on behalf of the student automatically.

Note:  Fees for insurance will be added to student tuition invoices. To opt-out of insurance and receive a refund, the student or parent must send a copy of comprehensive top up insurance (depending on period of study) to Saskatoon International Education prior to the student's arrival.​