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Saskatoon International Education

​​Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from a secondary school in Saskatchewan, students must complete at least 24 credits (courses) from Grades 10 to 12. 
  • Some of these are compulsory courses (e.g., English and History) and others are chosen by the student.
  • The Saskatchewan Ministry of Education may grant credit for classes completed in another country, but in many cases, it is strongly recommended the student complete these classes again in Saskatchewan. 
  • Students who meet this standard will take part in their school’s graduation ceremonies, which take place in May or June.
  • Final marks for students are given by their high schools; provincial examinations are not normally used in city schools in Saskatchewan. These final marks are accepted by all universities in Canada and the USA. 

For information on graduation plans, click on the links below:

Graduation Diploma and Transcripts

  • Saskatchewan schools do not issue an official diploma to graduating students, although some may present students with a souvenir document as part of the graduation ceremony.
  • The official transcript (to be used for entrance to university) is issued by the provincial department of education called the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education.
  • Transcripts can be requested here

University Eligibility

  • Although students need only 24 credits to graduate from high school, they should be sure to check which courses are required to apply for a specific university and program of study.
  • Students may also be required to prove proficiency in English language through a standardized assessment tool. These requirements vary for each institution so students should be sure to check the requirements for each university to which they will be applying.

Post-secondary Schools in Saskatoon