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Brevoort Park School
Inspiring Learning
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​​​Welcome to Brevoort Park School! Our administrative team would like to take a moment to thank you for entrusting us with your child's education for what will be no more than one small moment in their lifetime. We want to use this short year to make a contribution that lasts and that complements all of the hard work you do to educate your child every day.

Every school year may bring new challenges and opportunities, but some things never change: our staff are warm and welcoming, and they ensure our students are known, valued and believed in. We love to build school community in unique and interesting ways!

Our School Community Council​ and Friends of Brevoort Park School are active parent groups who are invaluable to our learning community. Please consider joining one or both groups to have your voice included in school planning and direction. There are a multitude of other ways of supporting your child's schooling that are less formal, such as volunteering for field trips or special days. 

We invite you to connect with us and share your hopes and dreams for your child or children. What do you understand about your child's learning styles and interests? Is there anything about your child it would be helpful for us to understand?

Our dream is for our classrooms and school to belong to all of us.