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Outdoor Expeditions
Sense of Place - Shekinah Retreat Center - Early September
This beautiful site 45 minutes north of Saskatoon on the banks of the Northern Saskatchewan River will host the beginning of our ten month journey. This three day expedition gives students an opportunity to get to know each other while learning the expectations of the Ecoquest program.
Boreal Forest Ecology - Prince Albert National Park - Late September
The boreal forest and its spectacular fall colors will be our home as we explore the protected ecosystem of the national park. We will explore trails and backroads to access extraordinary regions of natural habitat that have survived the pressures of agriculture and industry. This unforgettable four day quest is vital to the student's examination of their sense of place in the Saskatchewan community and within our diverse ecoregions.
First Nations Studies - Brightwater Science and Environmental Center - October
Brightwater will be the site of an experience that will engage students in an understanding of the First Nations world view. Students will take part in a variety of experiences that will enhance cultural knowledge and respect.
Social Justice and Urban Trekking - Saskatoon - December
This three day backpacking journey through the core neighborhoods will provide an opportunity for students to present their findings on the health of the Saskatoon community. Students plan the routes, present research, and hear from key community members all while staying in unique historical sites along the way.
Winter Ecology - Christopher Lake/Anglin Lake - January
Embrace the spirit and beauty of a Canadian winter in the Northern Boreal Forest. A short backpacking trip will take us to an outcamp that we will call home where we will build shelters, cook meals and survive comfortably in a cold weather environment. Students will also experience dog sledding as part of this five day winter ecology experience.
Nordic and Alpine Skiing - Blue Mountain and Table Mountain - March
Gliding through the Aspen of the Thickwood Hills under your own power is an exhilarating experience. The 40kms of groomed trails at this world class facility allow us to hone our Nordic skills, enhance fitness and access an exquisite landscape. Add one of Canada's longest zip lines, an overnight ski tour and a day of skiing or snowboarding to round out an amazing week.
Backpacking  - Duck Mountain - May
Spring is the perfect time to take a hike deep into these unique Saskatchewan hills. The mixedwood forest glistens as our group explores this beautiful knob and kettle ecoregion that was formed by glaciers thousands of years ago. Students will examine the geology, ecology, and history of this special region of our province.
Wilderness Canoeing - Churchill River - June
The spectacular scenery of the precambrian shield will be our home as we paddle the mighty Churchill River. This final trip of the year provides an experience that is unique and very gratifying to students. Students will camp at spectacular rapids, visit waterfalls, and observe ancient rock paintings, all while learning how to navigate the tapestry of lakes on our route. Students will study geology and boreal forest ecology while involved in an adventure that is unparalleled. This seven day challenge builds strong friendships and a deep appreciation for the wilderness.