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Nutana Collegiate
Inspiring Learning
Academic Upgrading
Academic Upgrading offered at Nutana Collegiate profiles the school's strength in offering programming to mature students. Students who wish to complete Grade 12 or upgrade their previous marks, or perhaps add a credit class that they require for post-secondary training, are well served in this educational setting.
The quarter system at Nutana Collegiate allows students to complete a course in just ten weeks and there are four times to begin courses during the school year (September, November, January and April). Classes are available in all of the core academic courses and we provide a variety of electives.
Teachers at Nutana provide learning experiences for academic upgrading that are distinctly different than traditional programs. Mature students find that this approach is more meaningful and relevant and they appreciate being with fellow classmates who have similar learning needs. Support from teachers and tutors are both available outside of class time.
If you need to upgrade or take a class to prepare for entrance requirements at a post-secondary institution, please call Nutana Collegiate at (306) 683-7580 for more information or Email us.