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Saskatoon International Education
About Us

Saskatoon Public Schools launched the International Student Program in 1996 to provide an opportunity for:

  • International students to study and learn alongside Canadian students, and
  • To improve the cultural awareness of local students. 
A renewal of the program in 2022-23 resulted in its new name: Saskatoon International Education. 

Saskatoon International Education

What started as a small program in one school (Evan Hardy Collegiate) has grown to welcome international students from around the world to eight high schools and 47 elementary schools. 
  • Our elementary schools welcome students ages five to 13 (kindergarten to Grade 8). 

  • Our high schools (collegiates) welcome students ages 14 to 17 (Grades 9-12) to enroll in one of the following:
    • Academic program for high school graduation*
    • Single-term high school experience
    • International Baccalaureate (IB) program.
*The Academic Program for High School Graduation offers students specialized programs, including:  
      • Advanced Placement (AP)
      • Dance
      • Languages
      • Media School
      • Outdoor School
      • Pre-Engineering
      • Soccer
      • Softball
      • Carpentry Apprenticeship
      • Vocational options and more!
                     Note: Specialized programs may require an additional application and/or fees.
  • English as an Additional Language (EAL/ESL) is offered to students in Grades 3 to 12.