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Collective Voice

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Collective Voice is a unique, half-day, full-year program for Grade 9 students that places an emphasis on learning through collaboration, group work and community building. Using the themes of Social Studies 9 as a driving force, the program focuses on studying both historical and current causes of inequality and injustice in Canada and around the world, and growing citizens who will help build a sustainable future. 

Student learning focuses on the connections between land, culture, history, environment, literature and justice. Collective Voice students share their learning with each other and our city through a partnership with Saskatoon's community radio station CFCR 90.5 FM

​ Collective Voice students come together in September as a group of strangers and quickly form a family-like community. Students come to Aden Bowman from all over Saskatoon and beyond, though a limited number of students are accepted into the program each year. Students bring a wide variety of skills and experiences into the program, but first and foremost students must be co-operative and willing to learn as part of a group. Collective Voice may be the right program for you if you are a self-starter, a responsible learner, a co-operative team member and interested in having a positive impact on your community.


  • Engage in a collaborative and democratic learning environment while participating in out-of-school experiences and learning about digital citizenship and social media literacy.
  • Create podcasts and share your learning through our partnership with CFCR 90.5 FM​.
  • Learn about yourself, your community and the world while making friends.​
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  • Arts Education 9
  • English Language Arts 9A and 9B 
  • Social Studies 9


The a​pplication for the 2024-25 school year is closed. It will re-open in February/March 2025.

Note: The application requires the student to show a commitment to always putting their best effort into the task at hand. Criteria for a successful application is included in the online form. All students who meet the criteria will be entered into a lottery selection process and participate in an in-person interview. 


For questions, please contact Naila Chaudhry by phone at 306-683-7600 or by email at chaudh​[email protected].