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Saskatoon Public Schools
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Japanese Exchange Program


Since 1990, Saskatoon Public Schools has coordinated a Japanese exchange program for students in grades 10, 11 and 12. The program is offered at Aden Bowman, Evan Hardy and Walter Murray collegiates but is open to all Saskatoon Public Schools students in eligible grades.

Students from partner schools in Japan visit Aden Bowman, Evan Hardy and Walter Murray collegiates at pre-arranged times for six to seven days. T​​he Japanese students are hosted by Saskatoon families and attend the respective school of their host family. Sixteen students from Saskatoon Public Schools then live with their host family in Japan, either in Takaoka or Kitahiroshima, for a week. Students attend the school of their Japanese host student and participate in a five-day cultural tour visiting various destinations throughout the country.

The exchange in 2024 will take place over the Easter holidays for 14 days in Kitahiroshima and will include a cultural tour in Tokyo, Kyoto and surrounding area. 

Program Objectives

  • An opportunity to experience Japanese culture, not as a tourist but through immersion in a Japanese family and school life.
  • Practice and improve proficiency in the Japanese language.
  • Experience personal growth in social skills, independence, acceptance of cultural/personal differences and problem-solving.

Eligibility/Selection Criteria

  • ​The exchange is open to all Saskatoon Public Schools students in grades 10, 11 and 12 students.
  • Enrolment in the Japanese language program is an asset but not a requirement, as all students are welcome to apply.
  • Interested students must have good study habits and a positive attitude toward school, as well as receive positive comments from their teachers and school to participate in the program. 
  • Students must be in good health and physically fit to withstand the 15-hour time difference and to adjust to the different climate.
  • All students are required to take a special Japanese class (12 lessons) on weekends beginning in December. 
​Note: Successful applicants will miss a few days of school around Easter. It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements for any course work missed while absent from school (i.e., preferably do the work before leaving for Japan). Parents/caregivers, please contact the attendance secretary at your child's school and have your child fill out an Extended Leave form. 


The estimated cost for the Japanese exchange is approximately $5,500–​$5,800. This includes flights, major transportation in-country, hotels, cancellation and out-of-country medical and accidental insurance, as well as costs for chaperones. Not included in the fee are substitute costs for teacher chaperones and personal expenses, such as spending money, passports, etc. The suggested amount for spending money is $750–$800. 

Note: The value of the Canadian dollar at the time of the trip may alter the estimated cost.

Program Administration 

The exchange is based on arrangements between Saskatoon Public Schools, its Japanese partner schools and their Boards of Education in Kitahiroshima, Japan. The head chaperone of the group will be Mr. Kim Strange, Walter Murray Collegiate, and the assistant chaperone will be Ms. Joyce Glasel, Walter Murray Collegiate. 


Applications for the 2023-24 school year are closed. 


For questions, please contact: 

Mrs. Takako Matisz
Japanese Exchange Program Coordinator

Aden Bowman Collegiate: 306-683-7600
Evan Hardy Collegiate: 306-683-7700 
Walter Murray Collegiate: 306-683-7850​​