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Saskatoon Public Schools
Inspiring Learning
Functional Life Skills
According to the Ministry of Education, Functional Integrated Programs are intended for students with significant intellectual and/or multiple disabilities who require highly individualized programming to meet their needs.

We offer functional integrated programming in high school Functional Life Skills (FLS) classrooms to meet the needs of youth with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities. FLS is available at Aden BowmanEvan Hardy​, Marion M. Graham, Mount Royal​ and Tommy Douglas collegiates.​ Students' program placement are determined by the coordinator responsible for the program based on multiple factors, such as the collegiate closest to the student's home residence, accessibility and student/parent preference.

Saskatoon Public Schools' special programs are intended to support students residing in the city of Saskatoon seeking a public education.​

Program Focus

To facilitate students' transition from school to the community, the Functional Life Skills program focuses on the following areas:

  1. ​​Functional academics (e.g., reading, writing, numeration, computation, problem-solving, consumerism)
  2. Communication (e.g., listening, speaking, social communication)
  3. Social skills 
  4. Personal management (e.g., self-care, safety, community access)
  5. Leisure skills 
  6. Vocational skills 


​Registration is based on referral from the student's neighbourhood school (for elementary students) or from the student's secondary school. 


For more information, please ask​ your child's current case manager or call the special education office at 306-683-8332.​