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Aden Bowman Collegiate
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Grade 9 program offers students a smooth transition to high school

January 09, 2019

A smooth transition from Grade 8 is the primary objective of Aden Bowman's Collegiate's Grade 9 program. By offering students a welcoming learning community, Bowman fosters a sense of belonging that connects students to their learning, which in turn allows students to be positive contributors to the culture of Aden Bowman.

Aden Bowman Collegiate has a long tradition of encouraging students to pursue excellence through education. The academic, athletic, and performing arts programs are recognized nationally for their distinction and innovation. The achievements of our students range from international and national awards and scholarships, to numerous provincial championships in athletics and award-winning performances in music and drama. The diverse curricular and extracurricular programs assist all Aden Bowman Collegiate students in their personal pursuit of excellence in a welcoming and supportive school community.

Grade 9 students will obtain the compulsory courses in their first year to meet the core curriculum requirements. Students are able to choose one 50-hour practical and applied arts elective and one 100-hour elective from a variety of options to balance their year.

Students requiring support in their learning can access a number of courses and resources which include: Resource teachers, Math 9 Plus (Foundational Skill Building), Literacy teachers, EAL teachers, weekly after-school tutoring

Collective Voice is a unique learning experience offered to Grade 9 students enrolled at Aden Bowman. This is a half-day, full-year program with an emphasis on learning through collaboration, group work and community building. Using the themes of Social Studies 9 as a driving force, the program focuses on studying both historical and current causes of inequality and injustice in Canada and around the world, and growing citizens who will help to build a sustainable future.

Applications are due in early March. Criteria for a successful application is included and all students who meet this criteria will be entered into a lottery selection process

Practical and applied arts survey course options include Woods/Drafting; Food Studies/Clothing; Environmental; as well as Computer & Commerce (information processing and keyboarding, vector-based graphic design, computer-aided drafting).

Aden Bowman's strength is its collective diversity. Our distinguished academic courses seek to meet the needs of all learners. Offerings range from Pre-International Baccalaureate, integrated and modified programming, as well as numerous electives that enhance our diverse learning community. English as an additional language adds to our exceptional repertoire. Without question, Bowman's student diversity reflects our place in the global community.

Aden Bowman offers a variety of programs and classes for students to individualize their learning experience including:

  • Collective Voice (ELA09/ELB09/SocSt09/ Art Ed09)
  • Computer Science 20 & 30
  • Exchange Programs with Germany and Japan
  • English Language Arts B30: Language through Philosophy
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (Grades 11 and 12)
  • Pre-International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (Grade 10)