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Frequently Asked Questions
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Click on the links below for frequently asked questions about Royal Adult Campus.​

What is the age requirement to attend Royal Adult Campus?

Students must be at least 18 years of age and no older than 21 years of age. 


I don't have any high school credits. Can I register?

Yes. We have a class called Pathways for students who are coming back to school to start fresh. You will be registered as an Adult 12 student. 


I am a high school graduate. Can I upgrade at Royal Adult Campus?

Yes. We offer most Grade 12 and some Grade 11 courses you may need to either upgrade an existing mark or obtain credit for a course not taken in high school. Graduates can take up to two classes per school year free of charge if registered by September 30. For information about tuition fees, click here. For information about withdrawal fees, click here​.


How do I register?

To register in person, call the Student Services office at 306-683-7806 to book an appointment. At the appointment, students will choose their courses with a school administrator or counsellor.​ 

To register online, click here.​ Students who register online will be contacted by a school administrator or counsellor to choose their courses in the days following online registration or at the beginning of the school year, if registering during the summer.


When can I register and start classes?

We have continuous enrolment from September until the end of March. β€‹


How many classes can I take at one time?

New students may enrol in up in two classes at any given time depending on their availability to attend class. 

Do I have to attend class?

Yes. Attendance is taken daily, and students are expected to attend class on a regular basis. If you are taking one class at a time and have work commitments we allow some flexibility, but you must discuss your situation with your teacher. 


Can I take any of the courses available at Mount Royal Collegiate?

Most Mount Royal Collegiate courses are available to Royal Adult Campus students. However, all Royal Adult Campus students must register for courses in consultation with school administrators and counsellors. To book an appointment to register and select your course(s), please contact the Student Services office at 306-683-7806.


Are classes at Royal Adult Campus semestered?

Royal Adult Campus classes are non-semestered, which means we have continuous intake throughout the year until spring. 


​What instruction method is used at Royal Adult Campus?

At Royal Adult Campus, the teacher is in the classroom to provide course materials, answer questions and administer examinations. This one-on-one approach to instruction allows for self-paced and independent learning.


​English is not my first lan​​guage. Can I register for Grade 12 classes?

Students must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents to register at Royal Adult Campus. It is recommended that students have a Canadian Language Benchmark test with a score of eight or higher to register. 


Where can I get a copy of my high school transcript?​

Click here for information about acquiring a high school transcript.