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Walter Murray Collegiate
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About our School

Walter Murray Collegiate is the comprehensive high school on Saskatoon's east side. We boast a diverse population because of the many opportunities available to students here. We house a number of system programs and proudly offer a multitude of elective courses of interest to any student. Being a large school of more than 1,100 students allows us the ability to offer a number of sections in a wide variety of courses. We truly are the collegiate of choice in Saskatoon.

Walter Murray houses Saskatoon Public Schools' designated program for gifted students in Grades 9 to 12. The SAGE Program is for students who have high ability, an excellent academic record and a strong work ethic. The program is based on the integration of concepts across subject areas and the development of skills such as critical and creative thinking, communication and presentation, synthesis and analysis. This integration and interdisciplinary approach allows Advanced Program students to master subject content.

Walter Murray is also home to Saskatoon Public Schools high school French Immersion Program. Secondary immersion is for students who have taken Kindergarten to Grade 8 French Immersion or who have equivalent fluency. Students take three to five courses per year where French is the language of instruction. Students schedule the remainder of their courses individually. Students who complete the French Immersion Program in its entirety receive a bilingual certificate.

The Fine Arts Program at Walter Murray is at the top of its class. Our band program offers students tremendous opportunities in development and performance. Each grade level has its own individual band, with between 50 to 75 students enrolled in band in each grade. We also have approximately 100 students in choir each year. Both our choir and bands travel annually to an out-of-province festival. Our visual and graphic arts programs, including photography, have seen many talented students develop and showcase their impressive artistic abilities.

As a comprehensive high school, Walter Murray also offers full courses over four years in woods construction, electronics, mechanics, welding, machining, commercial cooking and interior design.

We offer all core subject courses, as well as courses in computer technology, computer science, robotics, German, Spanish, Japanese, and French, creative writing and much more.

Outside of class time, we offer a full compliment of extracurricular programs, including a multitude of clubs and activities. There truly are opportunities for everyone at Walter Murray Collegiate.