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Walter Murray Collegiate
Inspiring Learning
Our Philosophy

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Walking Softly

As we travel across the province together, we make a point of walking softly; leaving as small an ecological footprint as possible. With this in mind, we will teach you how to travel around the city in sustainable ways, reduce your waste production, and even introduce you to people who have devoted their lives to living gently on the earth.

On the flip side, we try our best to leave a HUGE impact on the people and organizations we work with by volunteering our time and energy to give back to our community. We will offer several experiences to work in gardens/farms, collect data for field research, build bird and bat boxes, clean up campsites, and do whatever we can to give back to the people who provide expertise to our class. In these volunteer experiences, our students often build a skill set that allows them to go on to travel, work with animals, conduct research, and find their own way to walk softly on the earth.

Independence, Responsibility, and Respect

camp fire (2).jpgAt the heart of all of our experiences in Outdoor School is the philosophy of helping young people develop independence, responsibility, and respect.

We strongly believe that when they are trusted with a high degree of responsibility for their own learning, young people are capable of high achievement in academics, self-directed learning, communication with adults, effective time management, and much more. The independence we offer our students allows them to learn about their strengths and weaknesses, pushes them to grow from their experiences, and creates an environment of trust and respect.

Throughout the program, the theme of respect becomes an important idea for us to understand as we look at our relationships with the environment, with the community, and with each other.