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BRIT 2021 cancelled but community outreach continues

January 06, 2021

2020-Game-12-3.jpgFor the first time in 53 years, BRIT – the Bedford Road Invitational Tournament – will not be held due to the ongoing pandemic.

The annual basketball tournament, which has welcomed teams from across North America and the world, is usually held at the beginning of January. The BRIT tradition centres around the community coming together, and organizers look forward to a safe return to the celebration and fellowship of the tournament in the future.

While the gym will be quiet this year, BRIT spirit will still be alive at Bedford Road Collegiate and its surrounding community. During what was to be BRIT week, the school will be providing BRIT masks and individual lunches for students at Bedford, as well as the public elementary schools in the area that bring students to attend games each year.

Also, BRIT-funded scholarships that are annually awarded to Bedford students will continue with the 2020-21 graduating class.

The organizers and community remain hopeful that BRIT will return for its 53rd year in January 2022.